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Do you want to start an online business that can generate 5, 6 or even 7 figures?.

If the 9-5 job continues to stress you out and you know that it's the right time to transition into entrepreneurship........

Are you on social media every day looking for that coach, training or system to get you started but none really starts from the basics?

Frustrating right! But the truth is, you're not alone. There are too many out there just like you.

It does'nt have to be that way... and YOU now have the opportunity to change that.

That's Why I've opened the doors to Business Startup Accelerator......

So that you can get the help you need to start an online business which can easily turn into a 5, 6 or even a 7 figure business.

The CoVid-19 Pandemic has shown us that it cannot be business as usual and starting an online business is the way to...

  • Build a business which is economic and location proof
  • Reach a global audience
  • Create freedom for you and your family
  • Generate consistent income
  • Build a legacy for you and your family

You see, more people are searching online for solutions than ever before and they are looking for your offerings.

Let me tell you again! Your people are online looking to buy what you'll be selling!

In 2021 2.14 billion shoppers bought something online (Statista)

Why aren't you capitalizing on this? And if you are saying.....

  • There's too much uncertainty in my 9-5 job and I need more...
  • CoVid-19 has displaced me and I need to take my future in my own hands...
  • I need more freedom to do the things I want, when I want and with whom I want...
  • I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck...
  • I want to start my online business but I just don't know how...
  • What's wrong with me?

Truth is, nothing is wrong with you....

You need to start your online business to start building a wealth legacy for you and your family.

When you access Business Startup Accelerator today, you'll get......

  • How To Manage Your Mindset: You'll learn simple but powerful techniques you can use to develop a mindset which focuses on what you want instead of the opposite
  • Profitable Course Creation Blueprint: The Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Online Course.
  • Online Business Fundamentals: The course which provides you with all the tips, strategies and tools you need to get your online business started fast
  • Mini Book Writing Course. These video trainings provide you with the fundamentals you need to writing your first book
  • Journal Creation Blueprint: Video trainings which teach you how to create and sell journals in a day
  • Expert Trainings: You'll have access to expert trainings on creating wealth, budgetting and effectively managing your money, using LinkedIn to build your authority and that's not all...


  • BONUS #1: 8 Live Coaching Calls: 8 Live coaching calls once per week for 8 weeks to answer all your questions and to keep you accountable
  • BONUS #2: Nurture campaign swipe file: All you have to do is copy and paste
  • BONUS #3: Online Challenge Checklist: A list with all the tools you need to host your own online challenge
  • BONUS #4: Course Creation Checklist: A list which shows you all you need to create your own online course
  • BONUS #5: Freebie Funnel Checklist: A list which shows you all you need to set up your own freebie funnel so you can earn even whilst giving away a freebie.
  • BONUS #6: Free Facebook Group: A free FB group where you can ask all your questions and be accountable.
  • BONUS #7: Online Challenge Swipe File: You'll have access to my online challenge email where you can simply copy and paste for your own use.
  • BONUS #8: Daily Action Planner: We want you to hit the income generating ground running so we're giving you an action planner that you can sell no matter the business you are starting or you can give it away for free in exchange for email addresses (the money is in the list).

Who's Business Startup Accelerator For

  • Employees
  • Shift workers
  • Employees who are furloughed
  • Stay-at-home moms and dads and
  • Anyone else who's ready to start their online business

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have so much confidence in what we're offering in the Business Startup Accelerator that we do not go into contracts. Meaning you can cancel at anytime if you are not happy with what you are getting by sending us a quick email to

Meet Sophia Davis-Fagan, MSc. Mindset & Business Coach

Sophia Davis-Fagan is the author of several publications to include books, journals and articles. She's the founder of the Wealth Legacy Movement.

Sophia's passion is helping frustrated entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs build their businesses to 6/7 figures with Online Courses; Memberships and Done-For-You Programs and Services.

Sophia is the Co-founder of the freelance platform which connects business owners to freelancers. She's a past contributor/writer for the Huffington Post.

Sophia holds a Master of Science degree in Counseling and Consulting Psychology and a 2-year Postgraduate certificate in Global Business management. She's a former Sergeant of Police who was nationally awarded the Medal of Honor for dedicated and efficient service. Sophia is a trainer for more than 10 years. Her course creation and book writing programs have been taken by thousands of students from 14 different countries.

Sophia believes that if you are intentional about your thoughts, habits, actions and connection, anything is possible.

Sophia is ready to help you to generate the income you know you deserve. Are you ready to join the wealth legacy movement? Let's go!

The Business Startup Accelerator FAQ

Is The Business Startup Accelerator A Monthly Membership Program?

Yes! The Online Business Startup Accelerator is monthly membership. However, you can pay $797 for the entire year and get a big discount.

Do I Have Access To All The Courses; PDFs; Swipe Files And Bonuses To Include The Live Training With You?

Yes! You have full access to all that you've mentioned and so much more.

Can I Join Business Startup Accelerator Even If I Know Nothing About Starting An Online Business?

Yes! The Business Startup Accelerator is for you if you are a newbie in business. We start from the very foundation just to ensure that you'll not get overwhelmed and confused.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes! You can cancel your membership at anythime. All you have to do is send us an email at and your membership will be cancelled immediately.

Am I Able To Join Business Startup Accelerator At Anytime?

No! We open our doors to Business Startup Accelerator only specific times each year. We encourage members to stay the course and give your business the time and work it needs to grow to 5, 6 or even 7 figures.


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